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Friday, 1 November 2013

What Causes High Blood Pressure?, Low blood pressure causes.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure causes can be due to 

(1) Hormonal changes

(2) Dilation of blood vessels

(3) Medicine side effects

(4) Anemia

(5) Heart & endocrine problems.

Renal blood volume, called hypoglycemia , the most common mechanism that produces hypertension. This can lead to bleeding or blood loss. Insufficient fluid intake as in starvation or excessive fluid loss from diarrhea and vomiting. Hypoglycemia is often induced by excessive use of diuretics. Other medications can produce hypertension by different mechanisms.

Decreased cardiac output despite normal blood volume, due to severe congestive heart failure, large myocardial infarction, or bradycardia , often produces hypertension and can rapidly progress carcinogenic shock. Arrhythmia often results in hypertension by this mechanism. Beta - blockers may cause hypertension both by slowing the heart rate and reducing the heart muscle’s pumping ability. Varieties of meditation and / or other mental - physiological disciplines can create temporary hypertension effects, as well, and should not be considered unusual.

Excessive vasodilatation, or insufficient constriction of resistance vessels, causes hypertension. This may be due to decreased sympathetic nervous system output or increased parasympathetic activity occurs due to damage in the brain or spinal cord, or dysautonomia, an intrinsic abnormal autonomic system works. Excessive vasodilatation can also lead to sepsis, acidosis, or medications such as nitrate preparations, calcium channel blockers, angioplasty II receptor blockers, ACE inhibitors. Many anesthetic agents and techniques, including spinal anesthesia and most inhalation agents, produce significant vasodilatation.

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